Friday, 2 February 2007

That's Enough Already - Hereuxville, Quebec

This is very interesting. You can read the original document, the 'Normes de vie' in English here. Or in French here.

What interests me is that nowhere in the document - and I read it twice in both languages - does it mention anyone in particular, and I do worry about the mentality of anyone who instantly assumes it is aimed at them! I mean what is wrong with clearly stating that it is not acceptable behaviour to "stone women to death in a public place" [le fait de tuer les femmes par lapidation sur la place publique] or circumcise them?! As for not allowing children to carry weapons "real or fake, symbolic or not" - well who but the very warped could argue with that, especially after incidents such as Columbine?! And what,exactly, is wrong with clearly stating that women have the same rights as men, or that "any form of violence towards children is not accepted"?

Maybe I'm completely mad, but I thought it was a lovely, polite little document, and that the only people who would take offense would be those who believe those that stoning women etc. is perfectly normal! What happened to that old saying - 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do' - something some people clearly don't want to adhere to!

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