Saturday, 24 February 2007

Spam in your Inbox?!

I keep getting Spam at work despite all the promise of filters. Today's top subject lines read as follows:

1. Thoroughly Review Upon Hoped (This isn't even English as we know it! What review? Hoped for what exactly?)
2. You have the experience but lack the University Degree (Er... no)
3. Var loc United (Excuse me?)
4. Your thoughts please (On what? Spammers?!)
5. Hot sex with Viagra Pills (But pills are so tiny - they'd get lost surely!)

Hotmail and Yahoo are doing well though, and I haven't had offers to enlarge my penis for absolutely ages!

Right. I'm off to work on my word count, just as soon as I finish some marking...


Nichola said...

Watch yourself. The man from Nigeria will be after you soon, with his money-laundering ways. Or perhaps you ARE the only one who can help him get money into the country!

liz fenwick said...

Good luck with the word count. No writing for me this weekend. Have a teenage family friend over for weekend which is great. She also read a chapter from Serena point of view and said I have the voice right!!! Doing a serious happy dance as she is the same age as Serena!!!

Don Ray said...

Pam is such a nuisance. However since I installed "Lashback" all my spam is going in one bucket that I can review later to insure that it didn't capture some valid mail by mistake.

hesitant scribe said...

don ray - I'll tell my place of work about lashback! And hope you manage to get Pam sorted out ;-)