Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Tagged - 10 things meme

Oh dear, I just got myself tagged - thank you Liz! So here goes nothing...

10 things about me:

1. I have two nationalities, and two passports.
2. My first kiss with with a kid named Patrick who was in my class at Courtenay Elementary High School, in BC. He had no front teeth and collected bugs.
3. I used to collect grass snakes, bring them into the house to scare my mum, and always blamed the dog.
4. I was 15 weeks pregnant when I got married and missed all the food due to morning sickness.
5 & 6. I used to be a bottler in Covent Garden. I loved it. Larry Hagman put £10 in the hat. He was very sweet.
7. I once got alcoholic poisoning from too much Southern Comfort. Now the mere sight of a bottle of the stuff makes me retch. Also, can't drink more than half a glass of anything alcholic without being ill. I'm a cheap date!
8. I've emigrated 5 times between 3 countries, and have itchy feet again.
9. I wanted to be a classical guitarist, but dropped out of music college after a year.
10. I talk to myself in the car, in grammatically poor Spanish.

There ya go. And now ye too, hath beenst taggethed!


liz fenwick said...

I think we all have a taboo drink from our pasts....mine is gin! What other countries have you lived in?

La Gringa said...

Darn! I was just going to tag you for the 5 things meme! Oh, well, I learned 10 things and now I have to go find someone else.

hesitant scribe said...

Hi Liz - other countries are Canada and Spain.

La Gringa - 5 things would have been far lesss taxing on what's left of my grey matter!