Sunday, 17 June 2007

8 years today

Playing Catch the Bride's Maid

It is our 8th wedding anniversary today. I can't believe it has come around so fast... it only seems like yesterday that this photo was taken. I was 15 weeks pregnant but you couldn't tell because I had an extra large frock and a big bouquet!

It was a great wedding, as anyone who was there will attest to, and people were still drinking Belgian beer at the reception until 8am the following morning! In fact, the guests drank the pub dry - not sure if what says about us really!
As for married life, we've done a lot in 8 years both separately and as individuals. I've been a total pain in the arse with all my studies and writerly/artistic tendencies, and hubby has been nothing less than a god send. Of course I'd never tell him that!

8 years eh! Well bloody hell! Who'd have thought it! "Here's to the next 8," my husband said this morning. Well, yes indeed. I can't wait!

Oh, and it was Father's Day too!


Chilli said...

8 years? Bloody hell! Congratulations! :-)

Jon M said...

Happy A! well did. i always forget ours but so does Lin, so that's fine. (21 years in July! But then I am an old fart and I was achild bride!)

hesitant scribe said...

Chilli - I know. 8 years already!

Jon - 21! That's excellent. My parents-in-law celebrated their 40th today - same day as ours - with strawberries and cream, and ruby coloured champagne! I've had rather a lovely day all told! Added to Caroline's launch, it's been a marvellous week!