Thursday, 7 June 2007


I jumped! Or rather the horse jumped, but I stayed on! Hurrah!

Perception is a funny thing!

Only a two foot high vertical but hey - it's a start. And it looked bloody enormous to me, so much so that I had butterflies and the horse must have felt it because on the first approach he said, "Nah, you ain't ready missus!" and ran out to the side! Third time lucky and over we went. It was lovely and smooth. Can't wait to go again and next time I'll try it without holding onto his mane!


liz fenwick said...

You are very brave. I could never imagine doing that!!!

hesitant scribe said...

It was a very ickle 'fence' (I use the term in its loosest capacity!). I had a chat with a proper show jumper last night and she was talking about the feeling of going over a 5 foot and 6 foot fence. Makes my little 2 foot pole seem like kindergarten eh - BUT! Tis all relative!

JJ said...

Oh god, I remember the running outs as well. Doesn't seem as though I have any good memories of it, does it? I do, though, jumping low-ish fences is fun, but when they get too high I just didn't enjoy it.