Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Five Weeks of Not Smoking - Hurrah!

I've reached the beginning of week 6 of not smoking! Feeling very pleased as haven't had any cravings to speak of, and have not put any weight on - *relief*. I've also been exercising like a lunatic and trying to get as fit as I used to be (which is nigh impossible given that I'm now approaching 40 and have no intentions of doing martial arts 7 days a week, weight training, and cycling. Instead I'm doing aqua aerobics which I love because...

1. It's only 45 minutes so nice length of time rather than the 2 hours of hard training I used to do years ago.
2. I think I'm the youngest one there - everyone else is on the retirement package - so I feel very young when I come out!
3. You get to hide in the water so can work as hard as you like, or take it easy (you're only fooling yourself I know!)
4. The water supports you so I haven't put my back out - like I did last time I wanted to "get fit" again!

Anyway, work means I won't be able to go for a couple of weeks so will have to make sure I don't stuff my face and pile on the pounds.

The smoking ban thing comes in on July 1st, and I keep hearing lots of people saying they're going to stop smoking on that day. I wish them luck. It can be done and it doesn't have to be a nightmare. Not only that but the house smells fresh, I can breathe after an hour's riding lesson, actually enjoy exercising again, and always have money in my purse!

I've been here before though, so am not going to get all complacent. I'm pretending that I'm in the SA - smokers anonymous - and am treating myself like an addict forever. So NO, I can't have just one!


Chilli said...

But don't forget that exercise can leave you all broken up!

hesitant scribe said...

Yes but it is more likely if you insist on playing around on little wooden boards with wheels attached , my skateboarding friend! :)

Jon M said...

Super-well done! The non-smoking thing is the best and you should be really proud of yourself.

As I've said before,I battled with
ciggies for years and now haven't smoked for about 8 (I think). It makes all the difference! I ran my first marathon at 40 (never too wotsit)

hesitant scribe said...

Jon - you know you've done it for sure when you can't even remember how long ago it was since you smoked! And a marathon?! I am super-impressed, and inspired! Yes - never too whatsit!

DOT said...

Congratulations on your six weeks but you right not to be complacent. I stopped for four recently - determined to stop again before July 1 - went to see a French film and couldn't understand why I had this dreadful nagging desire for a fag. Ashamed to admit I succumbed.

Only later did I realise that, being a French film, everyone on screen was smoking all the time.

Unlike you I avoid talking about smoking when I am trying to stop. I try and pretend it is not something that concerns me and the strange things that are going on are an unusual form of hangover that will clear up soon.

I will keep my fingers crossed. It is such a STUPID addiction.

hesitant scribe said...

Dot - you'll do it! Just don't beat yourself up about it. I've tried and failed many times, but really have a good feeling about this time. One day at a time is what I keep telling myself - and it is worth it so have another go as soon as you're ready.

Eddy said...

I just hit my own 5 weeks of not smoking! It's been a struggle. Every now and then I feel tempted. I'm 28. I'm not complacent with 5 weeks. I will continue to count. I find the counting really helps. Good luck to all reading this and attempting to quit. Non-smokers really have no idea how hard it is to quit. I'm proud to say that I didn't take any drugs or aids. I just stopped cold turkey. I've been eating healthy, and typically workout about 3 times a week.

James said...

Going on my sixth week of no smoking, started exercising slowly at first and now can jog/run 20 minutes 2 x wkly, biking 15 miles 2 x wkly and swimming 2 x weekly all before kids get up for school. looking into new equipment for my work outs helps motivate me, i.e. new running shoes, swim gear, and even looking into a used road bike instead of spending on cigarettes. The deep breaths I can take and the freshness of the air that I have not really smelled for so many years is also such a wonderful motivator. think I'll even try a short
triathlon in the spring. Just turned 48, down to 210 lbs and look and feel better then I did when I was thirty. Kick butt everyone( no pun intended)....u can do this !!!

Micheal Clark said...

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