Tuesday, 5 June 2007

back to work

Oh dear - and I was having such a lovely week off! But back in now for 6 weeks full on teaching. So far it's all going swimmingly, as they say, but one does wonder when one will get one's novel written!

My supervisor collared me in the corridor yesterday and suggested we meet. We only just met, thought I. Is your memory so short that you've forgotten my most recent tears and tantrums?! She says, this would be a more formal meeting. Ah! So no tears then, I guess. I'll probably need to show her some work too. Hmm. Now is the time to start taking one's own advice; don't let work pile up; do a little each day; don't procrastinate; stay off the Internet unless researching; avoid the TV thingy; do not listen to Radio 4 listen again!!! I've given some dates for the week after next so that I can type up the drivel I've been working on in the midnight hours!

Just discovered that writing conference papers can be most beneficial. Some people, apparently, get all expenses paid to go off to foreign climes and deliver them! Bloody hell. If that isn't incentive I don't know what is! Best get thinking cap on.

What time is it?! Heading towards 11pm. Just got a few more essays to mark to hand back tomorrow, so better go and do it, and then will produce a little more drivel and increase word count by a smidgen. Fab!

Can't wait for Caroline's launch!

Some pics because, well, brightens the old blog up a bit! I took horsey ones on my way to work this morning!

Look who's been eating all my flowers!

Poppy - and to think I nearly ripped it up thinking it was a nettle!

On my way to work I see... this little grey

That's all folks! Off to mark essays!


4 weeks without smoking! Hurrah! Hurray! I have survived! I can breathe after an hour of riding!


liz fenwick said...

WTG on not smoking. Good luck with the writing. How you fit it all in I don't know!

hesitant scribe said...

Do you know Liz - I've no idea either! Going slowly crazy! But feeling so pleased with self for being smoke free! Makes up for the guilt trip about not writing enough!!! Hope you're well xxx

Jon Mayhew said...

Mayhew is such a great name, I would imagine we are eighth cousins sixteen times removed!
You're not smoking, that's noble too! I was hypnotised out of it 10 years ago, I run a lot now, that's why my ankle is broken now...hang on there's something wrong here...

JJ said...

Wow, that non smoking thing had totally passed me by. Well done. Very difficult (Husband is a smoker).

LOVE that snail pic. He looks just gorgeous. (I think it's pretty difficult to like a snail, but you've done it?)

Cannot wait til next week!

hesitant scribe said...

jon - eighth cousins sixteen times removed - how exciting! Shame to hear about your ankle. Hope it mends up soon!

jj - smoking - first 4 days were hell, but cravings all gone now, thank goodness. Snails are sooo cute when you see them close up (unlike slugs which appear to have little flea like things all over them, eugh!). I just wish they'd stop eating my plants - you feel really guilty putting pellets out once you've looked one in the eye!

Dead excited about launch and it's not even mine! Christ. Maybe I better not get published... I'd probably have a heart attack!