Thursday, 28 June 2007

It's been a funny old day.

Had a meeting with my PhD supervisor and she said she'd like to see the whole novel, the finished first draft, by October this year. All 100,000 words. So that was hilarious.

The she said I have to do more conference papers. Hee hee. I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants, I can tell you!

Then I had a meeting for Study Skills and Subject. With sandwiches. And coffee. And that was side-splitting.

And then I taught for 2 hours. Which wasn't funny at all. (Actually they did some great work. So no jokes there, then.)

What else? Oh yes. The weather is crap. And it's June.

But - wanna read something funny? Read this, and then I'll stop with the second life. Really I will!


Jon M said...

Fuzzy Heads? Sounds like a strange world to I know I'm old! :-)

hesitant scribe said...

Wha?! You mean the furry heads? Am confused but then it's been that kind of day to day! I think 2nd life too weird for me!!! Hope you've had a better day!

Jon M said...

Good day today cos its friday! Just want to write write write but people keep making me work work work! Still pays the beaks...sorry the bills. :-)

hesitant scribe said...

Yes Friday is a better today. I had nice classes today but like you I want to write write write and have found I have no time time time!


ChrisH said...

Yes, in answer to your coffee morning comment - blogging and commenting on other folks blogs does count as writing - if it doesn't I'm screwed! Second Life? I'm having enough trouble with this one!

hesitant scribe said...

Hi Chris - oh thank goodness for that re: commenting and blogging!

As for SL - I'm with you all the way on that. Yesterday I went to visit Chilli and she (her avatar) was dancing on a beach with some other avatar/people. One of these turned out to be actually in the REAL Carribean, only on their pc in SL on a virtual beach as opposed to outside the door on a REAL beach!!!? They seemed nice enough folks though I have to say, until the conversation went into German and we couldn't follow it any longer.

The LAG thing is a bit annoying though and things take ages to load up. It's amazing how scary it can be wandering around a virtual world with an avatar at the helm too! We met a 'furry' person and then ran away very quickly! Also ended up in a sex shop at one point, and er.. teleported out of there as fast as Chilli's mouse click would allow.

Conversations with Chilli (on msn) have been V funny though with me asking things like, "So what have you done today?" and her saying that her flying has improved, that she's got a new bikini from the Hari Krishna people, and has had a go at surfing (on a virtual sea as opposed to the web).

First life, here I come. Second life is gonna have to wait till my novel is written - but will continue to bring you any funny updates from over Chilli's shoulder!