Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Canter Canter Canter

I can canter!

Well, the horse can canter.

BUT I can steer the horse while it is cantering!

How wonderful am I?!

*Huge Silly Grins*


Jon M said...

Giddy up, have you found the handbrake yet. My wife and daughter are keen on horseys. I was always made to lead them everywhere as a young boy and so steer clear of them nowadays.


Ms Melancholy said...

Just wanted to say hi, and lovely to meet you at Cas's launch! Remember me??!

Caroline said...

Yay! Huge grin indeed. Well done x

hesitant scribe said...

jon - steering clear - boom boom! Very good. Haven't quite found the brakes but getting there. I'm still learning to 'be the boss'!

Ms. M. Great of you to pop over - er... what blog did you say you had again?!!! ;-)

Caroline - thank you. This means I can start learning how to jump properly as opposed to heading at the fence and hanging on!

It also means my arse has finally learned how to stay put in the saddle, so no bouncy bouncy on the poor horse's back. But I'm getting 'lunged' next week - can't wait - to do loads of no stirrups and no reins balancy work! Dead excited!

Er.. novel... yes novel! Writing loads. Honest. Me? Reading Horse & Rider all day? No. Not me!