Friday, 15 June 2007

Launched! In Search of Adam by Caroline Smailes

Caroline Smailes

Not the best pic but then I'm not the best photographer!

The launch at Waterstones was fabulous, and Caroline was great. Great at reading out her work. Great at making everyone feel appreciated for turning up even though it was her night. The people who did turn up were lovely, and it says a lot I think, when people attract other lovely people. I didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked due to trains departing but I had some lovely conversations in the pub afterwards, and am soooo glad I made the effort to get there.

It was very weird meeting people from the world of blogging as I've never done that before - and probably won't again unless it's under similar circumstances! See JJ's posting for more on this!

Strangest thing for me was to be in a room with people who then introduce themselves as "The High Priestess of Punk Chew Ation", and "The Archivist" - two lovely people I cornered and bored for most of the evening I think! Sorry guys! I also met Ms Melancholy, and proceeded to ask her no less than 5 times who she was and what blog she had! More apologies due I'm afraid. I met Writing in a Vacuum, and Stray - also lovely people and don't think I made too much of an idiot of myself there, though I did feel a bit of tit saying, "Hello, I'm Hesitant Scribe"!

I took a few more pics but didn't want to put people's faces up online without asking so if you want them - email me and I'll send them on. I think JJ got the best one - of the cake though!!!

So... who's next to launch then?!

Off to mark the essays I was meant to mark last night!


Jon M said...

hello hesitant,
Vacuum here! It was a great evening, everyone was so friendly. I suppose we're all keen communicators! Thanks for being one of the friendly people and keep off them ciggies, girl!

Caroline said...

It was fabulous meeting you!
Thanks so much for coming.

JJ said...

No boring done, honey. HPoP loves to talk horses, and you heard the Archivist being oh so tolerant of horses.
It was just lovely to meet you and I hope next time I'm UK bound and in Manchester to see you again.

hesitant scribe said...


Vacuum - yes it was a lovely evening, and great to meet you in the flesh as it were. Still off the cigs! :)

Caroline - you are most welcome! It was a pleasure.

jj - Just as well really re: horses! Please let the Archivist know that I was most grateful for the lift to the train station too! Do let me know when you are back in the UK and near the North West and we'll have a brew somewhere!

Now I have to go write a conference paper on writer's block - which sounded like such a good idea when I proposed it! I've just received the conference programme though, and seeing my name on it is a tad freaky! Oh well. What's the worst that can happen!? ;)

Jon M said...

What if you get writer's block when writing it? :-)

hesitant scribe said...

EEK! I know! And I have!!! Oh God. Feeling quite sick at the thought of it really, especially as the others all sound so academic and brilliant. Am reading Tillie Olsen's book Silences about - you guessed it - writer's block, so last resort - will read that out and weep!

Ms Melancholy said...

Well, it was lovely to meet you, Ms Scribe, and I so know what you mean about introducing yourself by your blog name. As Stray said to me, "don't you wish you'd called yourself something a bit less ridiculous now?" I never imagined I would be in a room full of people, introducing myself as Ms Melancholy to be honest. The thought really never occurred to me at all....

hesitant scribe said...

Ms M,

No - me neither! So glad you weren't desperately offended by my complete memory failure! Also, it took me ages to work out that 'stray' was 'stray' (I kept hearing 'strain'!)

Oh such larks!