Monday, 23 July 2007

Best Blog? Who will it be?!!!

This looks very interesting. A call for nominations for the best blogs in five categories:

1. Political blog
2. Personal blog
3. Arts and Culture blog
4. Best new blog
5. And a new category recognising the best creative writing on a blog.

Oooh! How exciting! I have a few ideas for who I want to nominate! Now I wish I'd made mine a bit more specific and less sprawling! Hindsight's a beautiful thing and all that...

And blog writers have to be within reasonable commuting distance of Manchester (which I am - not that that's a hint or anything!)

So. Off you go then and nominate someone!

Caroline's going to be doing a reading at the festival too so well worth a looksee methinks.


Caroline said...

I am doing a reading!!! At the awards. They asked me! And a talking thing!!! Please say you'll be there ... please. Yes I have to vote too! Sooo exciting. Do you know any political ones in this area?

hesitant scribe said...

Oh yes - I have every intention of being there. And you'll be great!

Political blogs - no, not really although Rob Spence gets a bit political at times over at Topsyturvydom - linked in my blogroll.

Jon M said...

My blog's very political...erm...yes...very...I'm talking political bananskins...hohum.

Jon M said...

blogging workshops? hmmmm. not sure...

hesitant scribe said...

yes Jon - highly political! A regular Private Eye spot it is!

Workshops - not sure how that'd work either... someone will say something and then we'll all put our hands up to comment perhaps :)

Jon M said...

How new is new? I wonder!

hesitant scribe said...

Hey yse - perhaps we should start a new one now - right now! And make it really, like, er, something!!!

Jon M said...

I think you've been nominated for something by someone.

hesitant scribe said...

Oh dear - what have I done now?!

Worst parent? Worst academic? Most irritating wife?!!!

No - got it! Slowest novel racer in history!