Sunday, 22 July 2007

travel sick

Caroline's recent post brought back some memories of travelling with travel sick children...

- the little'un throwing up in her car seat - filling it up in fact - when she was 3, on the motorway to Mt Blanc and nowhere to stop in the summer heat. After two hours of stewing in it we managed to pull off the motorway and found ourselves on some kind of industrial estate. We had no babywipes, no towels, nothing. We ended up trying to rinse her and the chair with half a litre of Perrier.

- last Easter - carrier bag no'1 - little one (then 6) threw up in the car from house to airport. I cleaned her up and changed her.
carrier bag no' 2 - Caught the plane. Large one (then 13) threw up and missed the bag. She covered the floor and her seat and herself 10 minutes into the flight causing the little one to join in. I was in the middle thanking god I hadn't had breakfast. People were heaving in front and behind. Cursing us. All the way to Geneva we went a huge orange bin bag in front of each of my darling children. It was lovely! When we landed and got the luggage, they got changed and cleaned up.
carrier bag no'3 - They then threw up in the car all the way up to the Alps, and another set of clothing got ruined.

When I first met my husband, he took me and my big one across Hardknott Pass to Wasdale. It's bad enough going on a first date with a four year old, but even better when the 4 year old throws up all over the van just as the Wasdale Head comes into view. He slammed the breaks on and the vomit went all the way up into the footwell. I was sooooo embarrassed!

I get travel sick too. My parents dealt with it by driving me across Canada from Vancouver Island to Quebec, and then putting me on a boat for just over a week to sail to England, to Southampton. And then driving up North... And we went on lots of driving holidays too so that the family photo album is filled with pics of me as a child, greenish grey and looking like death after yet another jaunt up a mountain in the car. Wind swept and battered from hanging out the car window like one of Larson's dogs.

Despite all of this I still love travelling. Well, I love the arriving anyway!


Jon M said...

In the days of hot vinyl car seats, I once threw up in me dad's car before he'd even turned the engine on!

hesitant scribe said...

I bet he was well happy about that! Have your kids paid you back on his behalf then? ;-)

DOT said...

I seem to have been so lucky with my two girls! I used to take them to Greece every year when they were young and not a heave from either ever! Goodness knows what I'd have done if they had been sick, disowned them probably. Not very good with the yucky stuff.

hesitant scribe said...

dot - you are soooo lucky! My husband has to deal with all three of us being ill. I've even made myself sick when driving and had to pull over (if driving a diesel). And I never get any better at dealing with the yucky stuff!!!

Caroline said...

Oh the fact that I gave her a Kinder egg at 7am may have had something to do with it.

I am a bad mother ;-)


hesitant scribe said...

Not at all! At least there was something to come back up - nowt worse than the ole dry heaving ;-)