Sunday, 1 July 2007


I used to hate Sundays. Sunday was the day that;

- i had to go to mass even though i didn't believe a word of it
- my parents fell asleep on the couch after Sunday lunch and snored!
- we had to visit ancient relatives who smelled funny and slobbered on your cheek
- i had to do finish my homework and prepare myself for another week of school

Now Sundays are much better!

- sometimes I go for a nice walk on the beach
- or I visit friends
- i get my marking and planning done for the week ahead
- i check the kids have done their homework
- still have to wash uniforms, clean house, and fret about how much I haven't written BUT will NEVER fall asleep on the couch after Sunday dinner and that's a promise!

And the eagle eyes amongst you will see that my word count has budged. Not a lot. But it has budged!


Jen said...

Hey, a budging word count is good... well done :)

Jon M said...

My favourite simile used to be 'As depressing as Radio2 on a wet Sunday afternoon.' Sundays are great when you know that you don't have work the next day! Probably says more about my work ethic than anything else.

hesitant scribe said...

thanks jen... still a way to go but better than the zilch of the last few weeks!

jon - i think it was school i hated - i loved working sundays in covent garden ;-)

JJ said...

Yep, I'm counting by the word, not by the thousand words! Good to see it nudging, and I will get onto the other thing, I promise.

Rebecca said...

hello.... found your blog somehow along my convoluted blog travels. so Hello from another writer...and hope you don't mind if I check in here now and again. And, yes, a budging word meter is better than a completely stagnant one!

hesitant scribe said...

jj - no rush :)

rebecca - lovely that you stopped by and of course you can check in whenever you like - just don't expect any miracles when it comes to the old word count LOL!

Caroline said...

Budging word count is great!

hesitant scribe said...

oh aye - it is indeed! bit by bit and all that!