Saturday, 14 July 2007

working hard!

First sunny day in ages and what have I been doing? Working in my office! I've only been out to look at the blue sky for a few moments and then back to the grindstone. I hope you are suitably impressed!

The word count hasn't budged but the words have been getting moved around and rearranged so that I now know where I'm headed again. Perhaps the blockage was a case of letting it rest, like proving dough when you make bread - except the wordage hasn't risen... but it will!

Have also worked on my conference paper although admittedly, most of that has been in my head, and lots of reading. All in all a grand old day.

I've also started a new blog (which I have emailed everyone about!) called Hesitant Scribblings with some of my short stories on it. I thought I'd blogged about this but scrolling through I can't find it now - so I either imagined it, or just can't see straight after a day's editing and re-writing! What ho! Hope there's something there that catches your fancy but please feel free to comment even if you hate 'em! *Cor - aren't I brave! Shaking in little ole boots dontcha know!*

Tomorrow I'm gonna talk horses. Be warned!


Jon M said...

Going to make you sick now...I did lots of writing AND found time to fall asleep in the sun for a bit too! :-)

hesitant scribe said...

Argh! Tis soooo unfair!
*stamps feet in childish tantrum*

But have been riding lots so that more than makes up for it ;-)