Thursday, 5 July 2007

things to do when not writing a novel

Hmm. A sprawly post today methinks. Of things to do when not writing - which of course I should be doing. And not this kind of writing obviously. Not blogging. Novelling.

  • Look up old friends on Myspace and failing that Google them.

Hmm. It is most disturbing to look up old friends for an email address only to find that they are now a tad famous and so will either not remember you, will remember you but won't be that bothered, or will blatantly deny all knowledge of ever having cracked eyes on you. I'll find out which iffing they ever email me back. Of course Eddie Izzard never has but then he is like, proper famous, so I'll let him off.

  • Email people you sort of know/have met recently with all the squalid little details of your life when all they asked was a little questions like, "So you play an instrument then?"

I like doing this. I know it's very naughty but just can't help myself. I'm getting better though. I edit it. No really, I do. And I was going to say I start from much later on in my life story, but thinking about it, that's a lie because I went from early childhood. Oops.

  • Read blogs.

Well we all do this, don't we.

  • Mark essays, and give feedback on class work.

Yesterday we had a debate about the smoking ban. It was a proper debate so we called it a Moot. I like that word. Moot. It feels nice in your mouth. Anyway, half the class was in support of the ban and the other half was against the ban.

To be honest the against the ban people didn't really have a leg to stand on because a) you can still smoke outside, and b) most smokers want to stop anyway don't they? I have now gone 8 weeks and 3 days without a cigarette and am pleased about the ban because it's helping me to stay off the ole fags. Selfish but true.

  • Watch the rain.

It is still pissing down. How is that so? Where the hell did summer go? Humph!

  • Drink tea and phone people.

Have done 2 hours of phone calls so far and it's only 10.42. AM. Is that good or what. Especially as have also sent 6 emails (some rather long ones - see above) and made 5 cups of tea. Have also checked MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, regular mail, and Work mail. I am a multi-tasking communications Queen!!

Have a lovely procrastinating, wet, peculiar and happy day!

Oh and write that novel! *Grins furiously like a wild woman on Absinthe swinging upside down from an oak tree bedecked in spring flowers*


Caroline said...

I think that I am addicted to Facebook and I am being unfaithful to blogger. Do you think that could be a new Facebook group?????


Sabine said...

Ooooh, I just can't help myself I simply must tell you how this is sooo me LOL! I've found your blog via Caroline's... and have been a "lurker" ever since. At times I have the feeling you're blogging instead of me! Love your blog! (Well, I do mine, too *grin*)

I honestly wouldn't know what to do all day long if there was no internet in this world. Hmmm. Writing, perhaps?

Jon M said...

Do you play an instrument then? You knew Eddie Izzard? 5 cups of tea?!!!
I know what I'd spend the rest of the day doing if I had 5 cups of tea! :-)

hesitant scribe said...

oh I just spent ages commenting in here and it all got deleted - argh!

So - Caroline - you need to see someone about that facebook thing you got going on there girl!

Sabine - helloooo and thank you for your lovely comments - will pop over to you and have a nose in a bit!

Jon - I play guitar (but very rusty now), am still on page one of Moonlight Sonata for piano (VERY VERY rusty), an used to play flute. I went to music college for my sins. Eddie I know from Covent Garden busking scene in the late '80s, and 5 cups of tea is nowt! I drink tea ALL day long which probably isn't very healthy but never mind :)

Chilli said...

You didn't ring me! ;-)

5 cups of tea eh? I need to cut down on my intake of tea, I haven't had a nights sleep in ages without getting up to go to the loo! TMI, I know...but it's true!

Only another 14 days until my left arm is free again!!!!!!

hesitant scribe said...

Chilli - hmmm... 14 days eh! And then you can break it again lol!

As for tea - I think I must be immune now ;-)

And I will.

Ring you.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I love this post, and the last line made me laugh out loud. So far this morning I have checked work email, hotmail, done a little light surfing (headlines, weather) and blogged. Work? What's that?

Well done with the fags BTW - keep it up!

hesitant scribe said...

Hi Zinnia - tis Friday! Hurrah! Am feeling a bit worse for wear after a week of full time teaching but still got swimming lessons to deliver children too so not there yet!

Still off the fags - aye! And you know - not as bad as I thought it would be at all.

Will write this weekend. I will iwilliwilliwilliwill