Monday, 9 July 2007

Hard Rock Challenge

Some lunatics have decided to try to climb all 60 routes in Ken Wilson's book Hard Rock.

60 routes I hear you cry. So what?! Well... that equates to;

  • 22,000ft of climbing
  • 180 miles of walk ins
  • over 3000 miles of driving

Only 2 people have ever managed it and it took them 10 years. Our lovely lunatics are going to go for it in 5 weeks! The race is on!

(Personally I think they are mad - do you hear me, Rich Mayfield and Mark Stevenson? Mad you are - but very very brilliant!)

Not only that, but are they doing this for fame and glory? No!

Are they doing it for the hell of it? (Well maybe a bit, eh!) No!

They are doing it for those wonderful people at Mountain Rescue. You know those guys and gals, and dogs, who come get us when we go waltzing up big hills in Sandals thinking, "It's only Wales", or "What can possibly go wrong in Windemere?!"

Mountain Rescue are fab! We had an interesting time a couple of years ago when we got a garbled text message from two of our friends who got themselves a bit stuck. Up Ben Nevis. And these were experienced climbers with all the kit. Thanks to the level headed folk with even better kit, they got out of it alive - and with all their toes intact! See BBC news report here. Hubby even ended up on the telly to my horror - he didn't even tidy up the front room!

Anyway, I digress. Rich and Mark want to raise £30,000 and every penny adds up so you have a penny jar and you fancy passing it on, I'm sure they'd be grinning from ear to ear!

You can check out Mountain Rescue here and make a donation here.

The official website for the challenge is here.

You see - there's always something to do other than write!


Jon M said...

Seemed like a good cause to me given that I had a penchant for running down mountains and breaking bones! :-) Good luck to them I say!

hesitant scribe said...

Hi Jon - yeah it is a good cause. My very infrequent forays into the ole world of climbering have luckily not needed the boys/gals in red, but I remember crying out for them once or twice one midsummer's eve half way up Tryfan at a quarter to midnight - inbetween cursing my husband and his friend who were 'leading'. We did have bacon butties and a brew on the top, and played shadow puppets with head torches on the sky which made it worthwhile - just - but it didn't make we want to do it every weekend!