Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Back in the Saddle!

Am too excited!

Am sitting here in my jodhpurs!!!

After a rather dodgy start to the day, I thought I'd best scrape myself up and do something positive. So I rang the riding school, had a lovely chat, and arranged a ride.

And then the postman delivered a parcel from Spain, and I cried again. This time in a good way. Desi sent me a shoe-box full of love: a book - even found it in English for me - called The Monk who sold his Ferrari (to aid in my current quest for spiritual development in order to live better, longer, and heal myself with medical help), and a beautiful silver pouch filled with lovely little things; incense, a unicorn (I've been hooked on unicorns since birth!), and a healing charm, a letter, candles, and a photograph...

Yesterday one of the mums from school brought me a video and book on Yoga because I said I wanted to have a go at learning it, to try to restore balance and health. How lovely is that? People are lovely you know. I hadn't realised quite how lovely they can be - it's a shame it's taken this turn of events to teach me that really. But better late than never, eh.

Despite any misgivings I may have felt, this afternoon I had the most wonderful half hour riding lesson. Not only did I cope physically (although half an hour was about right), I also managed to retain all that knowledge I gained in Spain, and am improving massively! Managed to keep Murphy out into the corners, did rather round shaped circles (still some pretty crappy ones as well I must admit!), and had a lovely long canter round the school. I felt so relaxed in the saddle, and I think Murphy must have felt it too.

Oh Joy! Horses are going to heal me, I just know it. By riding and working with them, keeping the spirits lifted, the mind occupied, and the body fit and healthy I'll beat this thing. That's my plan.

What else? Have a few ideas for writing projects and am going to make a little time-table for myself to include: PhD (Writing!), Yoga (oh, yes! Going all out this time I am!), and riding. And doing the healing cd every night religiously before bed.

Printer still being rather fab too.

PET scan results tomorrow, and I am a bit nervous about it. I'm learning to stay in the day I'm in rather than mentally skipping ahead to the horrid bits to come, but it isn't easy. Not had such a great run this last few months with scan results, so fingers crossed, eh.


Rowan Coleman said...

Hi Lisa Happy New Year to you, we are horse crazy in this family, and you are right there is something so reassuring and lovely about them. They are soulful animals. I an jealous of your printer. My printer is my nemisis choosing to jack it all in just when I really REALLY need to print something in a hurry. There is actually no excuse for me not to get another one, except that I've had it since I started and I have a highly irrational feeling we are meant to be together. Its a love hate/thing. Good luck with your yoga!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Fingers crossed big time. So glad you're back to riding - it wouldn't work for me (I love horses to look at, but find them a bit big and scary close up) but I can see that they're what you need. Seems to me you're doing really well and have already come a long way down your recovery path.

Lane said...

So glad to hear you got back in the saddle. Horses are calming and you sort of have to tune into them, if you know what I mean, as well as concentrate like hell when you're riding. (haven't ridden for ages btw:-(

You're doing so many positive things and sounding so positive. It's great to hear.

Jon M said...

Just soaking up those positive vibes, H! My wife has just started riding again! My wallet keeps rearing up in alarm! :)
Will be thinking tomorrow! :)

JJ said...

Hey, actually 'doing' is way better than the visualisation. Well done for getting back to the riding. It sounds like you really enjoyed it too.

NoviceNovelist said...

Thinking of you for today and your results. Your horseriding sounds like a lovely experience for you x

Colin Will said...

I published a chapbook of poems about unicorns last year. They're by the Catalan Scot Mercedes Claraso. I'd love to send you a copy with my best wishes. Email me if you'd like that. Address on my website: www.colinwill.co.uk

hesitant scribe said...

thank you everyone - it's so lovely to read your comments, and even lovlier that you're all still reading this garbled blog!

the whole riding and working with horses is a good thing I reckon - soulful (rowan - lovely way to put it!) and good for concentration too - not to mention a good physical work-out!

jon - it is a bit expensive though... my hubby hears your cries!

all in all feeling pretty good today!