Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tomorrow I will... But for now...

It is heartening to know that I am not the only one struggling to get my writing done (have been visiting the novel racers here and there).

Ha! (Sorry - that sounds soooo mean!)

As an apology for above gloating - have a blueberry. No really. Do!

Blueberries are good for your brain apparently, so am eating lots of them. Obviously it will be impossible to eat too many!

The keen eyed amongst you will see that Mslexia has arrived too. It arrived ages ago but only got around to reading through last night (Christ, I must be ill!). I do love that little mag dropping through the letter box and reminding me to keep on going. And looking at the state of the manuscript (I use the term loosely) beneath the blueberries, you will see that I do, indeed, need to keep going!


Today I am going to sit by the fire for a bit again, (Yes, I know it's not that cold old but my counts are hitting their low so I am cold and tired today), and then I'm going for some acupuncture later - now that will be a new experience! Not sure whether to be afraid, excited, or both?!!!

I did have two other things to talk about, despite feeling so tired and dizzy...

Firstly - a big public thank you to Nic who came round for a chat on Monday and ended up a) cooking dinner and b) de-lousing youngest child! What fun. It seems they are spreading Lane!!! The two of them were upstairs combing away with the conditioner saying, "Nope, nothing so far," and then there was a loud gasp followed by, "EW!!!" I crawled up the stairs and lay across the threshold of the bathroom giving instructions:

Helpful stuff like;

"If it has legs and you can count them, it's a louse."
"Crack it between your nails!"
"No, they can't jump."
"Yes, that's an egg."
"Yes, you do have to kill them all!"

Little one is now bug free, and Nic has earned herself a parenting badge. Well Done!

Thing two, like the manuscript, will have to wait until tomorrow!

Bye xxx


Lucy Diamond said...

Now THAT is what you call a good friend.
Enjoy the blueberries!

Chilli said...

Glad to hear she's bug free now :-) It was quite good fun getting the critters!!!

And thankyou for the thanks :-))

Hope you enjoy the acupuncture, when I had mine it was wonderful.

Take care and speak soon xxx

SabineM said...

I love blueberries, though i do prefer blackberries of all the berries.
My little one's school had a notice that Live were found on one kid! OH NO!

Acupuncture is fabulous! I cured major migraines with it when I was 18 or so. And then I had really bad lower back pains and with a chiropractor who worked with an acupuncturist, we totally cured me! IT DOESN"T hurt!
And mine used to leave me in the room with the lights turned down and soft music! It was such a nice break for the craziness of life.
Are you doing this for help with your current health issues?
Best of luck!

And for the is often that they clip them like that during the winter...and I figured you meant riding school! ;-)
Enjoy tomorrow!

hesitant scribe said...

lucy - isn't she just!

chilli - you ready for round 2? Only joking!

sabinem - ooh yes - blackberries are lovely too. The more sour the better for me! As for Henry's blanket-clip - he does look dapper. The range of clips fascinates me, and I guess it's all down to how much work, stabling, rugging up etc., as to which style the owners choose. My mum was sweet - she thought he was a two-tone horse!

Acupuncture - yes - for the cancer. I'm all for mixing so called alternative therapies with Western ones, and am glad to hear it worked so well for you.

Lane said...

Gawd those blasted bugs!! Thought we were nit free but thought wrong. Still combing and squashing the blighters and pinching out those blasted eggs!

Your fire looks blissful. I'd never want to leave it:-)

Hope the acupuncture is good today. Interested to hear how it goes.

Take care x