Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Free Rice: Procrastination that is fun, educational, and useful!

Have nicked this from the lovely Harriet Devine. It's a way to improve your vocabulary while feeding the world. For every word you get right, they give 20 grains of rice.

There are a few questions...

Such as who counts the grains of rice?
And how many grains in a decent sized serving?

Does anyone know?

You can give 1,000 grains in 10 mins or so, so if you do have time to waste, faff about, play, er... brush up on your vocab, pop along to Free Rice and feed someone. A bit. It all adds up!

P.S. You see this is exactly the thing to stop me writing! Don't do it! Or do it swiftly and purposefully, and then write!

*Repeat after me: Must edit this story. Must edit this story. Must edit this story!*


JJ said...

Oooh, I had a go at this a month or so ago. I really was quite crappy... must go and see if my vocab has improved.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I love that site too.

hesitant scribe said...

How come I'm always the last to find out about these things?!!!

You two are far too knowing! :)

Anonymous said...

Fun, isn't it! Though like you I have started wondering how many grains make a meal....