Monday, 28 January 2008

I did ride horsie! And I did drive car! (And I did er... chuck guts up... but only a wee bit...)

Henry and Me - off for a spot of exercise

Gosh what a busy day - which is good because yesterday was a crappie, horrid, miserable day in which poor NeeNee had to come and cook my organic chicken for me because I was fit for nothing but tearful heaving. I kept thinking I am 38 and I everyone is having to take care of me. How crap is this?! After NeeNee left, dad had to come down to help with the little one because hubby and big one were out. I'd have been crying Oh Woe is Me if I hadn't been so knackered and nauseous!!!

But there's ups and downs, and if yesterday had downs, then today had ups...

Firstly, this morning I went to the hospital for Day 8 of Chemo. And I drove myself - hurrah! (although Mum and Dad came with me just in case I couldn't drive home again...) So, the Bloods were good and am not dead yet; apparently this exhaustion is normal, and my body is being a brave little mite and coping marvellously with the onslaught of Cisplatin and Vinorelbine. So much so, I was able to have the next dose of Vinorelbine, and am visualising it working hard on smashing all those cancer cells to smithereens. It's in tablet form, so left hospital feeling really up and together. So much so I booked a riding lesson for the afternoon...

The riding school are being fab with me - letting me take it easy and all that. I got to ride Henry, and as he hadn't done too much for a few days, he was very excited despite the fact that I told him he'd have to take it easy with me.

Slow Down!!!

But Henry thought we'd both benefit from a good blast, so we set off at top speed up (and down and up) the school (again). He was right though, and I was so pleased when I a) didn't come off, b) managed to get him round the corner before we ran out of ground, and c) subsequently beat him to it, and stayed in control (okay - mostly in control!).

This is how I look when I've been riding. I look like this for about a week.

I normally do a 45 min lesson, or a 2 hour hack, but after 25 minutes I was totally knackered and had to call it a day. I managed to take Henry back to his stable though, and get his saddle off, before I hit the deck and hurled for Britain!!! Poor dad kept saying, "I'll drive," but I was bloody determined to make it home, and did. Albeit with a couple of chucking-up stops!

Knackered Old Boy?! I am!

Phew. Now I could sleep for a week! I have to be careful over the next few days with the old blood counts falling and stuff, but at least the chemo-brain fog has abated for the time being, and the ginger really is marvellous stuff!

Tomorrow's plan is to edit that short story, keep smiling, and to get through the day without too many tears, tantrums, or puking sessions!

And remember... Life is good, and even when it is being difficult and testy, it is a damn site better than the alternative!


CTaylor said...
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CTaylor said...

Jeez woman you put me to shame! Yesterday I tried, and failed to put on one of my exercise DVDs to help me lose my writers arseage. My excuse? "I've got a bit of a cold".

And you go and ride a horse after a chemo sesh.

I bow before you :o)

(prevous comment deleted because I wrote "you go and ride a house". Doh)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Lisa forgive me if you know about these already but you can get anti-nausea wristbands for e.g. motion sickness and morning sickness, I know two women who have found them really helpful for managing chemo-induced nausea, they're here I think you're doing so well, I'm really impressed - again. Now get that short story edited!

Sabine said...

Lisa, I'm totally looking up to you... You're doing so great, when I would probably be drowning in misery, if I were in your place.

I'm seconding zinnia's motion: get that story edited! ;)


SabineM said...

Came via Sabine in Gozo....
Love Henry! Does he not do well with Clipping? I love the clipping job!
I have a 13 year old who rides!

Lane said...

What sheer bloody determination you showed, driving there and back!

I'm so pleased you did ride horsie and Henry is such a handsome horsie.
You look thrilled to be up on him:-)

Keep going missus and I hope the nausea qwells a bit.

You're doing great:-)

SabineM said...

I came back to say that I am amazed with how determined you are and I applaud you for not letting this get the better of you, though it is trying!
I believe in the spirit of the mind! Keep that great attitude and keep on riding!

JJ said...

You are so gutsy Lisa (I'm not talking about the peuking) and I'm totally impressed with your attitude. You're looking fantastic up there and soooo happy. Lots more of it to come.
Love JJx

KayJay said...

You're really inspiring me on so many levels, just wanted to say hi again!


hesitant scribe said...

ctaylor - am just bloody minded is all - no bowing required! And I totally overdid it too!

zinnia - yes - brilliant thinking. Will try to get someone to get some in town today - and have an acupuncture appt tomorrow!

sabine - oh oh the story... will do it when head stops spinning quite so fast! Have it on the desk though!

sabine M - lovely to meet you! Dunno who clipped Henry as he's a riding horse, but he does look very dapper!

lane, jj, and kaykay - you just gotta keep going haven't you? I think it's the only way. And am addicted to horses as you all know by now. They are definitely part of my cure!

thanks all. gonna go lay down again now :)

hesitant scribe said...

*I meant riding school horse obviously - doh!

Lucy Diamond said...

Yay, good for you! So pleased to read this - brilliant that you could get back in the saddle (so to speak) and enjoy yourself. Go you!

Jon M said...

You star!!! Great pics. I'm not showing them to Goodwife or daughter cos they'll start complaining and saying we should get a horse or something! I love the idea of you visualising those nasty cells getting basshed up! Good on yer!

Moondreamer said...

From one book addict and horse lover, to another ...

I love the pic of you and Henry at the top of your post. It makes me wonder where you are heading off to, what adventures you are embarking on!

I have really enjoyed reading your inspirational blog (and your Hesitant Scribblings are fantastic!) thank you.

Sending good thoughts for the chemo challenges. Is the ginger working? Have you tried peppermint tea? And maybe a massage with peppermint oil would help, although it's probably an unuusal oil to have a massage with! (All echoing zinnia's 'forgive me ...'!)


hesitant scribe said...

late in responding but better late than never...

lucy - oh it was soooo good!

jon - dare ya to show the wife the horsie pics!

moondreamer - thanks for the tips - I take them all in so don't worry about repeats! Am pleased you like the stories too.