Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Day 3...

Hello All.

Still here. Bit sickie but coping, and not in bed or anything, but equally not having that riding lesson I'd fancied!!!

I was tearful most of yesterday - no idea why - but think mainly it was tears of amazement at how wonderful you are all being. Keep the calls coming!

Jane has kept me in Lilies since the initial diagnosis and came over last night with more, and little cards have been turning up. It's just wonderful. I owe you all and as soon as I'm better I'll be a blinkin' saint trying to pay everyone back! Hope no one has to go through this mind - tis really crap!

My little one was upset last night - she said, "Cancer makes people die," and started crying, so I had a long chat to her about the fact that cancer only kills some people, and it's usually because they catch it late. Mine's been caught really early and I have no intentions of letting it win. I told her to think positive thoughts and to imagine me all healthy and strong when she goes to sleep. It may have been wrong to tell the kids, but I think watching mum crying all over Christmas and not knowing why would have been more upsetting?

Well. Bit tired so going to go now. Will keep you posted. Riding tomorrow?!!!


JJ said...

Lisa, I think you're right. You would've scared her to hell by crying all the time. It's hard, and she shouldn't have to go through it, but I definitely think her knowing is better.

Hope you get that ride tomorrow.


maresy said...

You have two beautiful, bright girls, It is best they heard it from you, and not another source. They will cope they are strong, look who their mother is! Marion

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I think you were absolutely right to tell the kids. Children pick up on atmospheres very quickly, and even if you'd somehow managed to hold in the tears and put on a happy act, they would have known something was wrong. And that would have been worse for them, because not knowing what's wrong is always more frightening than knowing, however bad the problem is. This way they can be open about how they feel, ask questions, get answers, and be secure in the knowledge that they're not being left out of something. Best of luck for riding tomorrow.

hesitant scribe said...

Good to hear your points of view on this one. I had another chat with her today and told her of all the people she knows who have had cancer and are still here, alive and kicking, including my mum!

She seems much more content.

Have managed to cook dinner again, and fingers crossed I can do something a bit more physical tomorrow - like a little ride perhaps, but we'll see. I won't try to overdo it!

Feeling quite good actually as cancer nurse rang today and said it's normal to be in bed for first 4 days!

You lot are good to me! Best get my novel written as a thank you!

Lane said...

Agree with the others absolutely and you were absolutely right. It's essential to be honest, be positive but also not to hide the fact that things can be scary too and mum can sometimes get overwhelmed with it all.

Hope you managed to get that ride!

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh Lisa, I've been in tears catching up with your posts.
So sorry you're having to go through all of this but it sounds as if you are keeping it together brilliantly.
I think you did the right thing telling your children, however hard that conversation must have been.
Take it easy. xxx

hesitant scribe said...

lane - thank you! And I've just looked at your blog and thought oh no! I hope everything is okay. I need to catch up with you all much more! Promise to do better.

lucy - please don't be sad! It's gonna be okay! Believe it for me x