Thursday, 17 January 2008

What was that? Low fat diet you say?!

Where do I start?!

Amanda arrived with baby and I cried.

And then I cheered up and we laughed, had a good old chat, and then dinner...

And guess who forgot all about her gallstones? I bet you had too?!

Exactly an hour and a half after dinner my gallbladder started to contract and wouldn't stop. I couldn't think what on earth had done it and then it hit me, quite literally; it was the cauliflower-cheese!!!

I tried not to scream, but it helped me to keep breathing.

I tried to pass out but my body wasn't having any of it.

It came in waves, and I cried like a baby - no, more than that - the pain was incredible - worse than bloody labour. In fact I never cried like that during either birth and I had both girls naturally (i.e. no pain relief).

So poor Amanda and poor hubby had to watch (and stroke back, and hand hold) as I writhed around screaming in agony for a good 2 hours, although after 30 mins, hubby started looking concerned and talking about hospitals. I looked up to the heavens and shook my fists, and er... swore a lot. Bloody unfair! said I. Too much! said I. Now this really is taking the piss! I cried.

I didn't want to take me to casualty in case they took the gallbladder out, and then I couldn't have chemo etc., etc., but hubby insisted that something had to be done, so he started making phone calls and eventually a lovely doctor came to the house and gave me an injection for the pain. Hubby said, "Are you having it in your bum?" and I said, "No love, I always take my pants off when the doctor arrives!" so we did manage a bit of a giggle.

The pain-killer kicked in pretty sharpish and calmed it down enough for me to breath normally again and stop crying, but f*** me what a to do!!! Bollocks is the only word suitable to describe the entire affair. Utter Bollocks. I will never eat cauliflower-cheese again unless I make it myself with low-fat everything!!!

Instead of a lovely evening chatting and catching up on old times, I was exhausted and collapsed at around midnight. I slept through till 7am and then got another hour or so, but when I looked in the mirror my eye-lids had been replaced with giant red slugs. Bitter tears indeed. I couldn't see properly until mid-day.

Amanda has gone home now. We managed to have a brief visit to the shops and she bought me one of those new-fangled thermometer in your ear thingies, so I can keep track of my temp during chemo, plus a great book on super-foods with (low-fat ha ha) recipes, and I got some Bach Rescue Remedy, some heaty up pads for hospital on Monday, and some books on self-healing and meditation.

Feeling much better now, thank god. Stomach still a little tender, but a warm bath, candles, lavender oil, and some good books methinks after dinner.

Am knackered!


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Aarrgghh that really is adding insult to injury. I hope you have a peaceful and painless weekend, and best of luck for Monday.

Lane said...

That's just so unfair! You poor, poor thing.

Hope you have a restful weekend and build your reserves up again.

Hope your poor 'slug eyelids' have recovered :-) and wishing you all the very best on Monday. xx

maresy said...

you are allowed to have "bad days" be easy on yourself, and lean on your friends and family, they don't mind the tears I am sure, positive visualization is every tear is a piece of cancer leaving your body cleansing you,leaving you healthier.
Enjoy a peaceful weekend, Monday is just another adventure, you will do wonderfully I am sure. take care

NoviceNovelist said...

That sounds terrible - I had my GB removed last year after suffering with it for 18months without anyone being able to suss what it was. Bloody agony - I feel for you.
Fingers crossed you have a fab weekend and get to relax, pain free. Thank god for speedyily working painkillers!!! Take care - best wishes for Monday.

Jon M said...

I just told my son that you can't eat Cauliflower Cheese...he is bereft, he couldn't imagine such a fate, it being his fave.

That is so poo! (technical term). Make the weekend fun...and fat free! :-)

hesitant scribe said...

zinnia - it really really was! But now tis over can see the funny side of it ;-)

lane - eye-lids have finally gone down which is good cos I went into college today for a nice catch up and lunch :)

maresy - aye - well there's bad days and then there's cauliflower-cheese days!!! Am doing okay though, and sure that I'll be fine on Monday - tis just the unknown isn't it really!

novice novelist - I feel for you too!!! I'm gonna have to befriend mine though, so low fat for life methinks! Not a bad thing though perhaps as looking better than I have in years at the moment!!!

jon - it is poo (good techy term there) but thinking maybe I could make my own fat free safe version?!

amanda said...

It was great to see you over the last couple of days. I have been wanting to give you a big hug for ages. What a yummy pack lunch you made me for the train, thanks. I went to bed last night and slept (with the odd baby interruption) until midday! And I wasn't suffering with your pain, I was only by your side. So its not surprising that you feel exhausted. I was so impressed with the way you dealt with the pain (stupid cauliflower cheese), a real inspiration (as always). Lots of love, thinking of you

Pacha said...

Noooooooo! That is not right! That ISN'T ALLOWED!

God, that sounds like labour! ( baby to make you feel like it was worth it at the end of it!)

You are so going to have find out what you can/can't eat...(before eating it, that is - not trial and error because that would be horrible!)

You're going to be so healthy after all this!

Pacha said...
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hesitant scribe said...

amanda - you are such a star!!! thank you for being there to get hubby through it, and kids, and me too!

pacha - hmm indeed! Have been looking on web and discovered that olive oil is fine so sticking to that from now on! Extra Virgin of course!