Sunday, 20 January 2008

Grrrr.... just spent ages trying to get into Blogger because it keeps saying I have cookies blocked on I.E. (the settings are exactly as recommended!). Good job I got Mozilla Firefox - this browser seems to be working fine!

So. What's up world?!

On Friday I went to Uni and met up with my colleagues for a catch up which was lovely. Nath bought me lunch (thank you Nath!!!), and no one seemed to mind that I was clutching my left breast the entire time, or that I had one of those heat packs that react to the air, but look like a sanitary towel, sticking out of my jumper! (Perhaps I should explain that the pain I get is in the left chest, shoulder, and arm!!)

Told the PhD people that I'll be taking some time off, so the pressure will be off there and I can tinker around with it behind the scenes as it were. I hadn't wanted to do that, but thinking about it, tis probably a sensible decision. It was PJ's idea actually, and she is always sensible!

Yesterday I went to see the baby horsie again. Ahhh! And I got to stroke her in the field! And help out with the other horses. Bliss! Shovelling poo and stuffing haynets, and spending time outside doing some work - not too much though - they wouldn't let me! The farm was a tad flooded out yesterday, so hubby helped to dig some ditches out with little 'un. We all got wet and muddy, and you know, I had a fantastic time!!! It was just so good to be OUT and DOING something useful! Just look at her! She's gorgeous! I soooo want her!

I want her!!!


No idea what to do today!!!

Edit that story, perhaps? Get my little hospital bag ready? Figure out how to boil a chicken carcass down to make risotto?! Gosh - the possibilities are endless!


liz fenwick said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out.

Jon M said...

Aaaarrr! Baby foal, love mucking out, did my chickens yesterday!

Jon M said...

Good luck tomorrow! :-)

Kate.Kingsley said...

Gorgoeus wee foal! You must get her, then we can see many more pics of her.

I love mucking out too ~ the smell is so comforting. Haven't done it for at least 15 years though :-(

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hope the chemo went OK. Good cancer survivor blog here that might interest you, if you haven't come across it already.

Lane said...

She is gorgeous! What a babe!

ps and remember to make chicken soup from the carcass too:-)

hesitant scribe said...

Hi All - Saturday was a GOOD DAY!!!

And the foal is gorgeous ain't she!!!

Jon - you have chickens - how cool is that!

Kate - comforting smell? Interesting description! I think the 15 years has allowed nostalgia to set in!

Lane - I made chicken stock and froze it, so will get round to trying risotto soon!