Sunday, 10 February 2008

2,000 words hurrah!

I have done it. The story is halved. Phew! Never thought I'd get there.

Now hoping I haven't totally buggered it up!

Met with the others at the writing chat room thing this morning, which was lovely, and inspired me enough to work on the story - so thank you for that, Lane, Captain, Annieye, and Caroj!

Argh - just had story read and there's a word missing - an 'a' - which means it's now 2001 words. Yeegads will this thing ever be done?!!!

Right. Off to pack me hospital bag for tomorrow;

ginger biccies
ginger beer
cous cous with almonds and sultanas
pasta with sun-dried tomatoes
low-fat chicken salad
1 pad for writing on
pencil case
chapter am working on from novel
clean knickers
toothbrush and toothpaste
painkillers and heat-packs
phone (to call home and send mms pics of me if they drug me again)
file with all the hospital stuff in
Your Horse magazine (saving it especially)
Mslexia magazine

Good job I'm only in overnight, eh.

Free Range Sweetcorn - makes up for the standard bred cooked chicken from yesterday!


CTaylor said...

Yay! Well done Lisa! Are you subbing your story to a magazine or a comp? Congrats on getting it done. I don't know if I'm weird but I love chopping bits out of short stories to get them down to a certain word limit. Funnily enough I don't feel the same about my novel (probably because it took so long to write the chopped words!)

Best of luck for tomorrow. Will be sending you lots of healing vibes. x

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Really well done with that story. It's always possible to find a word to cut. Hope tomorrow goes well - at least you know more about what to expect this time. Will be thinking of you.

hesitant scribe said...

ctaylor - i know what you mean about the novel, and as this story forms part of my novel, am gutted that it's now half its length! BUT I've had it read now, and am told it is much better! It is to send off somewhere - well has been sent now - so will let you know of the outcome if/when there is one!

zinnia - am just so glad to have finished something amidst this madness! tomorrow will be okay, I'm sure - have just got to be positive and keep visualising the chemo killing the tumour off! Not to mention be very brave re: needles!

Last night I was crying a lot, so please don't think I'm any kind of hero!!!