Thursday, 28 February 2008

CT Scans, Ladies who Lunch, and Elusive Pheasants

I had my CT Scan today.

They didn't come out with the ghastly gastrografin, so I thought fantastic, they're not going to dye me.

But they did.

A very sweet male nurse looked all proficient and then promptly ruptured my vein. "Oh look," he said to the other nurse. "There's a balloon forming." So out it came, and tap tap tap they went looking for another vein. Meanwhile I'm lying on the couch thing with my eyes squeezed shut saying, "Ow!" and "Bugger, that hurts," which probably didn't help. I know he has to learn, but I wish he'd learn on someone who doesn't mind needles - like a heroin addict for example!

In the end, the two nurses had a little conflab in which they slagged my poor veins off (too small, too thin, chemofied(?!), before finding a more senior member of staff who popped it in without a problem. Ha! thought I. Crap veins indeed!

But it still hurt for the full half hour while the dye went in, and the molten copper in your veins effect came on. And they wouldn't tell me anything even though I ordered them to get back in there with a ruler and measure the damn thing on the images I just know they can see immediately! (Okay, maybe they can't.)

"We just take the pictures, I'm afraid," they said.


Before the scan I went for lunch. It is nice being able to go for lunch, but you know, when I'm better, I'm still going to make time for lunch. Well, we always did lunch at work, and I quite miss that. Lunching is nice. Thank god I can still do it.


After the scan I went to my parents-in-law's house and tried to take a pic of the beautiful pheasant in the garden. But the bugger hid as soon as it saw me coming.


I gave up fairly quickly, but then on the way home saw two pheasants in a field really close to the roadside. I turned around, found a safe place to park, and got the camera out...

But they saw me and they can't half run! So fast I only managed to snap one of them while the other one shot across the road. I thought, that's why you lot always get squashed - you don't look before you cross...

One left

Oh well. I'll never make a wildlife photographer, will I?! Here's one I took earlier... not!

Taken from The English Country Garden
(where they can take pictures of these beautiful birds!)


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Wildlife photography is sooooo hard. Fingers crossed for the scan - when will you know the result?

Lane said...

Your poor chemofied veins:-(

Lunching is good. I must remember to do it now and again:-)

Pheasants/hedgehogs/rabbits - no road sense, any of them. x

hesitant scribe said...

zinnia - isn't it just! blinkin' creatures just won't keep still for long enough :) Don't know when I'll get the results, but will let you know as soon as!

lane - chemofied veins indeed! More like learner cannulator - should have LC plates on him! My veins are on the tiny side but the chemo people never seem to have a problem, or the phlebotomists!

And lunching is lovely. Mind you, every day and it'd soon get boring!