Sunday, 3 February 2008

Hedgehog rescue facility and Ana has teeth!

Hedgehog Rescue Facility

On Saturday I went to see our friends - the ones with the baby horsie - again (they'll be sick of the sight of me, oh dear!). Anyway, they were out digging the ditches clear to avoid another flooding episode should the rain come down again like it did a few weeks ago, and we found a drowned hedgehog. Awful. D was horrified and J made a beautiful ladder for any future unfortunate to climb up (pictured above). I thought it was a work of art.

I wasn't much help on the yard, but did change some rugs over, bring in a pony from the field, and coo over baby lots and lots. She's got teeth now, and is growing rapidly.

Ana has teeth!

It does me good to visit the yard. I get to see just what hard work it is to have horses. There's turning them out, feeds to make up, haynets to fill, tack to clean, rugs to maintain, beds to be mucked out and made, water buckets to be cleaned and filled... the list is endless and all involves plenty of elbow grease. And that's before you even think of doing any riding.

But guess what? I don't care! Still want one!

This morning I met up with some fellow writers on-line. My eldest came in and stared at the computer. (Lane - I think you'll identify with this!) "What are you doing?! Is that a chat room?!" She then rattled off all the things I've ever said to her about chat rooms, before taking her hands off her hips and sheepishly asking me for a lift to her boyfriend's house. Was that her way of rescuing me, I wonder? Whatever it was, I had been quite enjoying myself until then!

Chemo update: Feeling fine now. The pain from the cannular (Wed/gallstones) is still horrid, and nerve pain in left arm is getting on my nerves jejeje, but nausea is much much less. Funny really. I am looking forward to, and dreading the next lot of chemo in equal measure - but for now I have a week off and intend to do lots of interesting things before 11th.

Editing: I am at last working on the short story, to make it even shorter. Hurrah! It will be done by tomorrow. It will. But not if I keep blogging!

*Hubby just came in and said, rather astutely I thought, "Doesn't look like that story's been edited much to me!"

Ooops! *Sheepishly looking around room, and then at feet*

Postscript: And then I went and did the library thing, and added a widget, and then spent an age adding only 35 books - the closest to hand - and it'll take me years to add all of them!!!


SabineM said...

Oh I have a 13 year old who is constantly telling me what I told her about the internet (it is DO WHAT I SAY NOT WHAT I DO!);-)

Lane said...

Ha I'm not the only one with scarily wise teenager!

I love that hedgehog bridge. It's brilliant and Ana is just gorgeous. More than gorgeous even but I can't think of a word:-)

Hope you get some editing done. x

JJ said...

Hellooo. I'm having problems with my internet at home, but while I'm out stealing someone else's wifi, I thought I'd pop by and say hello. Ana is gorgeous and very glad to hear the nausea has gone.

hesitant scribe said...

sabinem and lane - see! We did bring 'em up right! And have done a bit of editing hurrah!

jj - great to see you - meant to leave a comment about your desk too, but have an equally tetchy internet connection at the minute (have rebooted and reset router twice already today, and only been on the pc for 30 mins - argh!)

JJ said...

Me again. There's an award for you over at mine.