Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Flowers and more flowers, you can never have too many!

A Perfect Rose

Last time I was in hospital for the big infusion, the I'm terminal! lady 'M' (who I hasten to add is NOT at all terminal) also went on about flowers.

M said: As soon I was diagnosed, everyone sent me flowers.

So far so good...

She continued: They sent me huge bouquets! In vases and everything. All colours, all types. You've never seen so many flowers.

Pink Carnations from Amanda & Roy

White Lilies from Jane

How lovely! We other three cooed...

M looked at us, stone faced: I threw every last one in the bin! Reminded me of funerals!


Tulips from D & J

Rest assured I am not one for throwing flowers in the bin for any reason, and if anything, I'm guilty of trying to keep them for too long!
I love flowers. Far from making me miserable, they cheer me up and remind me how wonderful nature is, how clever and beautiful it is. Okay, so it's transient, but we aren't flowers and hopefully have a much longer life-span than 7 days - though less admittedly if someone cuts our feet off and sticks us in a (big) vase.

This week is the first week since diagnosis I've been without any fresh flowers. The last lot was a bunch of beautiful blood red roses from my brother-in-law, but sadly their time is passed. There was only one thing for it - buy some more!

So these are the ones I bought. I think I fell for the colours.

from me :)

So go on! What are you waiting for? Go and buy yourself some luscious flowers - or get someone else some if you have a decent excuse like hay-fever!


The Blue-Berry Muffin Cake also turned out brilliantly, although if you have a sweet tooth, add more sugar. We got the recipe from here.

Yummy Healthy Blue-Berry Muffin Cake
(but add more sugar if you have a sweet tooth!)


CTaylor said...
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CTaylor said...

I love flowers too but rarely get any (am nearly 4 years into my relationship with the boyf and can't remember the last time he bought some He WOOED me with them at the beginning but you know how it is!). Anyway, when my mum came to visit recently she brought me a bunch of yellow tulips and I was so excited to have real, live flowers in my flat I kept them in the vase for two weeks! (Yes, there were dead for one of those weeks).

Must treat MYSELF to some more flowers this weekend. They really do cheer up my living room.

Last post deleted because of a terrible typo attack!

Lane said...

That colour rose is so beautiful:-)
Since all my hyacinths died, the house has been flowerless. May have to rectify that soon:-)

Now ... cake.

That looks superb. What could be better than a giant muffin:-)

JJ said...

Oh my, I've just got to wipe up the dribble from my chin from gazing at that amazing Blueberry muffin cake.

There, dribble free. Yes, flowers are divine. I love them too. Very glad to hear that you bought yourself some. Your pics of them are great.


theysaywordscanbleed said...

aww, these are such lovely flowers

hesitant scribe said...

ctaylor - I know the feeling - I had to get cancer to start getting flowers! ;-)

lane - oh yes - rectify away!

jj - thanks honey, and glad you like the cake! The recipe was soooo easy to follow too - we made it as a family; all four of us in the kitchen at once and no one died! hurrah!

theysaywordscanbleed - thank you. Fraid the shop you linked to is a bit far away from me though ;-)

Moondreamer said...

Scrummy looking cake, can't wait to try it (thank you!) and have been meaning to pop over and give you a bunch of yarrow flowers (not because they're the prettiest, but they mean "healing") having written a post about the language of flowers.

Been so busy, haven't had chance to catch up ... wow! You're doing so well, good to see you feeling better.


Moondreamer said...

Oh! and there's an award for you at mine ...

Almost forgot that, as I had been distracted by reading your blog!


Annieye said...

What lovely pictures, Lisa. Your cake looks really yummy. I'm glad you enjoyed your ride.

Do you remember we spoke about my friend Rose who is a bit further down the chemo/radiotherapy road than you are? She came back from Spain, saw her consultant who is really pleased with her and she's been signed off fit to come back to work once she has seen the occupational therapist.

I almost cried with happiness for her.

I told her about you. She'd like get in touch. I don't want to put her e-mail on the WWW so if you e-mail your e-mail address to me at work (anneireson@kettering.gov.uk) I'll put you in touch with each other.

Rose is a lovely person and I'm sure you'll have lots to talk about. They have just bought an apartment in Spain and she's had three lovely weeks furnishing it etc.

PS - she is one of the very few people who know I write.

hesitant scribe said...

moondreamer - oh let me know how the cake turns out! And thank you for the award too. *Blushes*

annieye - thank you for that - have emailed you - I think there is an email address somewhere on my profile (will go and check that!) I appreciate that you put your work email online too, and hope you don't get any horrid (or weird but unfunny) emails... an apartment in Spain - Ay que celosa estoy!

And I got more flowers today - am so lucky in a kind of unlucky way, if you know what I mean!

KAREN said...

I'm afraid the cake draws my eye more than the flowers - lovely as they are - but that's because I'm greedy!

I must admit, after a big operation five years ago, I ended up leaving behind the flowers I'd recieved, because looking at them reminded me how ill I'd been. Awful, really, but I KIND of know what that lady meant. I wouldn't have chucked them away though!

hesitant scribe said...

karen - I do understand but it's still a shame! Poor you, having 5 ops - I hope you're better now and can look at flowers in a positive way again! On Moondreamer's blog she posted a Chinese proverb that said if you only have two pennies left to your name, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other...

But equally, cake will do! :)