Friday, 22 February 2008

Overdid it again - but had fun!!!

I didn't write an awful lot today...

... but I did review my chapter outlines...

... and I did swim 20 lengths, although afterwards I realised I'd overdone it, mantra or not, and it took me a good half hour to get dressed after my shower. I was drinking ginger beer in the changing rooms and a lady came and asked me why I was drinking beer (it's in a brown glass bottle). So I explained, "I'm on chemotherapy...blah blah blah... and then another lady came over and said, "We know all about chemotherapy in my house - my little girl has been having it for 17 months, for cancer of the bladder. She's 8." I was stunned. I know about the children but I only see the grown ups in my ward. We talked for ages while I guzzled my ginger and the old shakes stopped. It was lovely. Someone else at the health club said it was great that people talked about it because the word cancer was losing its power the more people shared their experiences. And soooo many people are surviving now, if only we can catch them early enough.

After the pool I went to see my friend who has the pleasure of sharing her garden with these two sweet-hearts - aka original Shrek Donkeys - so I had a brew and chat, and got my equine fix for the day!

This evening we all got in the kitchen as a family and made Blueberry Muffin Cake, so I shall show how it turns out tomorrow provided it doesn't kill us! The lady who's little girl has cancer said that this illness had taught them all what mattered in life, and that is certainly the one perceivable bonus I guess. And if anyone saw the Channel 4 programme last night called My Street the same thing was said by the two families affected by cancer there too.

Life is worth the living, and we really ought to appreciate it without needing the sort of kick up the backside a life-threatening illness gives us. I wish I'd learned that sooner.

Anyway, as promised, here are my first two attempts at Mandalas.

Number One took hours and was an ambitious go at geometrical shapes, but I haven't painted in so long that most of the colours has dried up and and and excuses excuses excuses:

And this is Mandala 2 - and I like this better and it took all of 5 binkin' minutes!

Go figure!


Anonymous said...

Since my mum got ill, the word scares me so much, but reading you makes it seem like just a word, by that I mean something you can fight and overcome! You have a great attitude and I really admire you. btw I think I like the bottom painting the best, Z likes the top one!

JJ said...

I'm completely rethinking my attitude to the Cancer word, too. And the grumbles that we make about life are so ridiculous; your blogging about your experience has done a lot to my attitude there aswell. Your courage is such an inspiration.

hesitant scribe said...

motherx & jj - I'm glad to help to reduce the fear this word causes... for me as well as any one else! I've never been so afraid in all my life as I was over Christmas and New Year, and I'm still having to meditate/quieten my thoughts, on a regular (daily) basis in order to remain positive. Speaking with the mum at the gym really helped me, in turn, so we can all help each other.

Jon M said...

Is your Mandala called nelson...sorry! uplifting to read Lisa! Keep on the up! :)

Pacha said...

I agree with motherx and jj re: your attitude about Cancer. Cancer has been a big part of my life for 15 years since my sister was diagnosed with Hodgekins Disease. She finished her medical degree and got married in a wig and fought hard for her life. And she won. She has been winning for years.

What I find hard/daunting is the 'enjoy this moment' without hearing the echo 'because you never know what will happen next' thing. It sort of dampens the 'enjoy' bit in doom and gloom.

What I have learnt from reading your blog is how to say, this is my life, this is what I love and to hell with the doom and gloom!

I hope I'm making sense.

Carol and Chris said...

I love your Mandalas. I had never heard of them before reading your blog and now I am seeing them everywhere!! Good on you for having a go.

I agree with what everyone else is saying - your attitude to life is fantastic and you are doing a lot to make the word Cancer not quite so scary!!

C x

Lane said...

I could have sworn I'd commented here? Must have been distracted by the photo of those gorgeous donks!

I echo exactly what the others have said. How you're dealing with this (and blogging about it) is an inspiration.

hesitant scribe said...

jon - hee hee hee :)

pacha - I'm so glad your sister is still winning - such news is a big help when you're at the early stages of the war! And I agree with you about the enjoying life because blah blah blah! The amount of people who've said to me, "Life's too short" and I think, Now whaddya have to go and say that for?!" It does not help. And why can't we seize the day, and enjoy the moment, knowing there's tons more of them to come?!

carol & chris - the mandalas are lovely aren'y they? They're new to me too - I only knew about the Tibetan sand ones. And I'm still trying to make a decent one... thinking of trying embroidery next so I have lots of control over the colours!

lane - thank you! Am gutted I missed the Sunday chat. Oh well... next week!

Rising Rainbow said...

The "C" word intimidates a lot of people that's for sure. And it can either distroy people or make them stronger. I believe that talking about it diminishes its power over us as well.