Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Giovanni does Kylie Minogue

This is what happens when you let your husband go on a climbing holiday with his friends! Meet Giovanni - the hedgehog bridge builder extra-ordinaire. The video was made by hubby - budding director/producer!

Of course I'm only jealous because my holiday snaps were so boring by comparison!!!

Their photos are truly stunning! And perhaps you can see why I didn't go with them, but instead got my kicks on horse back in sunny Andalucia!!!

Four intrepid climbers on Marmolada


Glacier - they climbed this too (nutters!)

More high uppy stuff!

I stopped climbing a year or more ago. You can read why here!


Rode today and did 2 foot uprights without falling off - hurrah!!!


CTaylor said...
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CTaylor said...

What an excellent video! Giovanni is soooo limber! I'd be KNACKERED after I'd jumped around that much. Also, how SCARY does that climb look? I climbed to Poon Hill (Nepal) in 2 days and was exhausted and had a runny nose from the altitude and I just had to walk up a bunch of steps! Those ladder thingies your husband and friends used look really scary. That's full on climbing. I just went for a stroll in comparison!

Pacha said...

WOW! That is incredible. (and I don't mean Giovanni's grove - although that too is fairly incredile!)...I want to go rock climbing too!!!

The Hubba said...

ctaylor - let's clear up a couple of misconceptions.
1. He was knackered.
2. He is sooo NOT limber.
3. The climb looked scary in the guide book so we did it blindfolded.



hesitant scribe said...

My goodness - hubby dropping by! How funny is that!

ctaylor - it looks bloody terrifying! It is indeed full on climbering (pronounce the 'b' for the full effect). I climbed (easy not v. high stuff) for the first years of our relationship, and then took up riding instead before my hair turned completely white, or I fell of something!

pacha - you should give it a go! The lads were in the Dolomites in N. Italy. Lots of Via Ferrata stuff, so apparently quite safe (though you may want a head for heights!)

Kafrin said...

Hi Lisa. Excellent effort, he can teach Kylie a thing or two...
Pa I would call sitting on a horse fairly scary by the way!!

JJ said...

Loved the video - excellent.

BUT, some of the shots and some of the photos have left me feeling quite sick, and hyperventilating ... I don't think I'm strong enough to go and look at why you stopped climbing. I shall try to come back later when my balance comes back.


Lane said...

Giovanni seems like a great holiday companion:-)

Photos are (and I will now use a word I never use but appropriate here ..) awesome:-)

2ft fences! No falling offy. Yay:-)

hesitant scribe said...

kafrin - hello! Great to see you here! Climbing's much more scary than sitting on a horsie - but then you're a superb climber and I hang on by my finger nails in tears!

jj - good innit. I was very impressed - he did each day of the trip, and most of it is vertigo inducing. I'm with you all the way! The pic of my little effort is quite crap in comparison, I assure you!

lane - the pics were indeed awesome , and the views stunning. Shame I could never get up there to see them first hand. As for jumping, oh yes... totally hooked. I think I've found my raison d'etre in these equinie creatures. (Besides/as well as writing of course!)

Debs said...

Loved the video. How does anyone have that much energy and climb too?

The only way I could ever see views from that height would have to be in a photo. Magnificent views though I can fully understand why you went writing instead.

clairesgarden said...

fabulous pictures and Giovanni is a hoot. I'm with you riding in Andalucia, the top of a horse is as high as I ever want to climb.. vertigo and a further excuse is only one ear drum, no balance!