Sunday, 10 February 2008


I have tagged myself from The Write Eye because it's brilliant. Thank you Annieye for inspiring me! It's also cheered me up because I've been a bit tearful - can't think why?!!! Plus it's taken my mind off having to go into hospital overnight again - although I am looking forward to hitting this cancer with another load of chemo (cisplatin and vinorelbine to use their full names - cisplatin is fluffy and shocking pink, and vinorelbine is bright orange and spikey - I may have told you this already? Anyway, in my head they link arms with my white cells and peacefully, but firmly, remove all the cancer cells which are gooey and black, like globules of tar.)

Enough of that depressing stuff - moving along to happy nice things:

Please feel free to tag yourself, and do let me know so I can check out your pics/choices!

Here are the destructions:

1. Answer the questions by typing your answers into Photo Bucket.
2. Pick a pic that sums it up best and paste the copy the html code (bottom left of the photo image) and paste directly into your post.
3. You can’t copy the persons answers who posted this before you!

Your age next birthday

A place you'd like to visit

Your favourite object

Your favourite place (Tis where I grew up)

Your favourite food sorry to all the cattle out there)

Your favourite animal (no prizes for guessing this one!)

Your favourite colour

The town you were born in

The town where you live now

The name of your pet


The first name of the one you love


Your nickname


Your middle name


A bad habit of yours


Your first job


Your grandmother's name (my mum's mum)


Your favourite book
("there ain't no diffrent churches in heaven 'cos everybody in heaven is inside themselves." I cheated and didn't use photobucket for this one as it wasn't there, and it is my absolute favourite book of all time! Sorry.)

You simply must read this if you haven't already!

I am now wondering who started this - it takes forever! But it was worth it - suitably sated with pleasing images now! I hope you are too!


Lane said...

I've got to read that book now!

You were a busker??

I love these images. They're intruiging:-)


Lane said...
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Lane said...

ps - there's an award at my place, with your name on it:-)

Annieye said...

Thank you for being so sweet about my blog. If I could give you an award for the blog I admire the most for its honesty I'd give it to you. In fact, I'm going to try and find one on the web to leave you for when you come back from hospital.

The place where you were born and grew up - so beautiful. And where you live now looks so peaceful and inviting. Your first job looks a bit grim, though. A million miles away from the freedom of your lovely horses and riding on the beach!

I must read that book. In fact, I'll be off to the library tomorrow lunchtime.


motherx said...

Good Luck with your hospital appt. xxxx

JJ said...

Hi honey, A place you like to visit? Was it Thailand?

You are cordially invited to come to Thailand and stay in my spare room as soon as you are fit and well.

Love JJx

CC Devine said...

Best of luck with the hospital trip. CCx

Moondreamer said...

I'm glad this cheered you up, Lisa, sending bigs hugs and good thoughts ... what a fab example you are for positive thinking!

Your pics are lovely, you are obviously drawn to the sea! I love the stunning moon and the picture for your mum's mum. What is the name of your pet?

Were you a busker? I used to play the Irish Whistle in the London underground some years ago, a great experience!


Ashley Ladd said...

Cool pics and quiz. I will tag myself when I get home from the day job and can really play on my blog. What is a "Busker"?

Ashley Ladd said...

I tagged myself as you said, for a game of 'photo-tag' and it was a lot of fun. You wanted to know, so here's where all my photos from the game are. Thanks!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I love that book too, despite being a humanist. Hope the chemo went well.

hesitant scribe said...

lane - it's a wonderful book but I should have warned everyone that it is also very sad. Like really really really sad. But still a piece of gold!

And yes, I was a busker! In Covent Garden! But I lacked confidence so never had my 'own show' but played back up rhythm guitar and sang a bit. I was a bottler first and foremost - and a bloody good one even I do say so myself!

Thanks for the award! Am spoiled!

annieye - you deserved it my dear, and thank you for being so sweet about mine! See note above re: book is sad!

mother x & cc devine - thank you. Wasn't so bad - just getting round to posting about it after responding to all your lovely comments!

JJ - It was Tibet actually, but Thailand is on the list too so don't freak out when I take you up on that offer!

moondreamer - the pet is called Lady (only she died last year - pic of her on blog when she was ill- as little one reminds me!)

Yes, busker and bottler in London too!

ashley ladd - will pop over in a bit and have a looksee.

zinnia - the seaband wrist things appear to be helping - just got some this morning. Yesterday was utterly grim, but seems to be easing off a bit now. Ginger and more ginger ha ha ha!

Billy said...

Lisa, I love the "guitar behind your back" pic. I LOVE accoustic music. I have a Martin D 28 and also a classical (and a few electric for the fun of it), but accoustic is my first love. You have a great blog!

Billy said...

Lisa, I love the "guitar behind your back" pic. I LOVE accoustic music. I have a Martin D 28 and also a classical (and a few electric for the fun of it), but accoustic is my first love. You have a great blog!